A good stance on Indologists.

My main criticism of certain white indologists and their diverse fellow travelers is political. Their political activism is detrimental to Hindus as minority in krau~ncha dvIpa and to our people in jambu-dvIpa. If they can sign a letter supporting a German ‘scholar’, a full professor at a renowned school, who in a public forum called Hindus of North America as “hIna”; associated North American Hindus with Nazi-s “Since they won’t be returning to India, [Hindus immigrants to the USA] have begun building crematoria as well”; and supporting the anti-Hindu system of the mlechCha subversionists note their letter contained citations from the State Department Cold warriors who are notorious for their anti-India stance over decades. In this yuddha my pakSha is clear. Yes, the political views of the Indologists might affect their work, but it is not a reason to shut your eyes to it offhand. In fact, there might be useful stuff in their research. It is a well-known fact that many modern Hindus do not want to spend time studying deva bhASha or the prakR^it-s and cannot handle much of their literature even at a rudimentary level. So they need turn to these indologists. Like taking the Zilebia and the Samosa from whom your opponent you need to take what is useful even from the adversarial indologists. Become a nR^iharI to the hiraNyakashipu of their political agenda but support other Indologists who are apolitical or supportive like prahlAda.

via Disclaimers and all that | mAnasa-taraMgiNI.


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