On the distinction between Mao and other socialists

Thus, Mao Zedong was not like any other socialist leader from the Soviet world, or Latin American or India. The allegiances of these latter socialists is not towards their nation rather towards the utopian Marxian realm – the comrades are much like the Mohammedan brothers of the pan-Islamic Umma. Thus, they are anti-national by definition and adopt a transnational Marxian identity. After initially displaying such an facade, Mao Zedong unveiled his real nature – he was the new Han emperor – the ultimate Han nationalist who ruled as the center of the legalist system even as the wall-building lord of the Chin founded that state. Hence, Maoism in China is ultimately the same legalist system by which the great chIna emperors held their sway. But what is Maoism elsewhere, like say in India, is actually an imitation by fools, which is very distinction from its Chinese cognomen. It is just the shell which acts against the nation-state without the inner ruling force of legalism that most aggressively upholds the Chinese nation. Once, the Anglosphere realized this, it became a tool to amplify and cloak their first responders.

via mAnasa-taraMgiNI.


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