Media strategy of our enemies : A geopolitical segment | mAnasa-taraMgiNI


From : A geopolitical segment | mAnasa-taraMgiNI.


“With the native levies shying from confrontation the mlechCha-s have begun using their propaganda department to continue their attack on bhArata. To test this one may do the simple experiment of using Google News US edition and change the settings so that India is on top and set to “always”. Then one might observe the primary India-related headlines in mlechCha propaganda organs. Below is a sampling of news items that surfaced to the top in the above experiment:
*India’s rape epidemic: Will the US apply pressure for change to its Asian ally? Fox News
*India summons US diplomat over report of NSA spying. CNN
*India’s building collapse death toll reaches 60. Washington Post
*’Invisible’ in India: The story of the disabled boy tied to Mumbai bus stop. CNN
*No quick fix for India’s rape crisis. CNN
*China Cultivates India Amid Tension With Neighbors. ABC News
*Tiger leaps onto boat, snatches man in swamp in India. Fox News
*Indian Forces Fire on Kashmir Protesters; 1 Killed. ABC News
*Christians face abuse around the globe. CNN – “In India, the world’s largest democracy, Christians face harassment and violence, especially in states with laws restricting religious conversion from Hinduism.” – We wish truly conversion to this Abrahamistic cults was banned in bhArata.
*Sword Fight Breaks Out at Shrine in India, Causing Injuries. ABC News
*Indian Bureaucrats Scramble for Hindi Dictionaries. ABC News”


What does all this mean for the Hindus? It is clear that the mlechCha-s want to create a deeply negative image of bhArata as a lawless land, which needs to be brought in line for shavasadhaka-s to thrive at the expense of Hindus. This is the message for their own people and the philo-occidental Hindu elite in India. On the other hand the same messages have a different utility from the angle of their effects on the plebeian Hindu reader. One such angle, which would be very apparent any discerning observer, is the attempt to create a strI-puruSha-bheda to disrupt Hindu social and family structure. Another angle is demoralizing visitors and investors to affect tourism and other revenues. Yet another angle is planting stories so as to rake up old issues irrelevant to the modern world, such as regionalistic linguistic chauvinism, to distract this Hindus from the core issues, namely removal of Abrahamistic predation on their lands. Earlier, a whole party was set up to rake up the issue of corruption which while real is hardly the biggest problem faced by bhArata.


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