The fools that converted.

I cannot begin to express my bafflement at the thought of all those stupid people who chose to leave the virile kArtikeya, the strong hanUmAn, the steadfast rAma, the paradoxical rudra, beatiful umA, the munificent lakShmI, the heart of expressiveness sarasvatI, the thousand eyed indra, the oblation bearing molten-hot kRshAnu, the thousand handed sUrya, the cool chandra, the …(you get the idea) for such inane abrahamisms. They must have had no heart .. or they must have not realized the true extant of what they did were giving up. Can they get such *wholesome* emotional satisfaction with the truly pitifully uniform and pale faces of the two dozen Christian “saints” and angels I had the misfortune of seeing in a Swiss museum? Or with the monotony of pre-frenzy genuflection to “allah bullah”?

Very sad. Well, atleast there are deities such as Santa Claus who contribute to their paganization. That may be some consolation..

( The same applies to the fashionably too-cool-for-(hindu)-culture crowd, of course. )


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