The parable of the kShatriya-s.

From this MT article:

She intended look up the papers, which Somakhya had recommended, on staphylinids and ants from the early 1900s by a certain Ramakrishnan of Tanjavur. In those old papers she read that the staphylinids they had observed lay their eggs in the vicinity of the the Formica nest. Apparently guided by an olfactory cue the worker ants bring those eggs into the nest. Once inside, the ants attend to them like their own and the beetle larvae eventually hatch out. They are then fed by the ants until they reach a certain size when they start eating the ant larvae and as well as their own kin. Eventually, those that successfully make it come out and fly away as adults. Apparently, given that the staphylinids practice cannibalism their numbers never run away so as to cause a collapse of the ant colony. At the same time Lootika wondered if the cannibalism actually helped the fittest among them make it to the next generation. Lootika then thought of her vivid dream and of a subhāṣitam Somakhya had quoted from the wise Viṣṇuśarman:

iśvarāṇām idaṃ tantraṃ prāyeṇautsukyam āvahet |
yatas tiraścāṃ caritair nītimārgaḥ pradarśyate ||

This text of the gods might appear puzzling due to its teachings;
However it intends illustrating by actions of animals the path of right politics.


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