Proposed hindu responses to demographic projections

The situation: the rapidly increasing proportion of Abrahamists in India (and more broadly, worldwide), leading to Hindu composition falling below the 50% mark at least before 2100 if we fail to respond. How should hindus respond?

Full credits for the below stunningly clear thoughts on the matter should go to Shatruntapa Patel/ @rjrasva, who laid it out in a conversation today. I have requested him to kindly dispel the foolishness of our fellows by publishing articles on the topic in popular portals. In the meantime, here’s a taste to prep your appetite (cool headed comments are welcome):

  • Threats to India due to demographic changes in the foreseeable future.
    • A second partition involving Assam, Bengal, Kashmir.
      • Possibly also Telangana and Kerala. These are not too precarious, being surrounded by Hindu majority states.
    • A large scale all-India Islamic rebellion.
      • Examples from elsewhere:
        • Dungan Rebellion of China [WI]
        • Christian rebellion of Japan.
  • Potential weaknesses in our response
    • Racial admixture in our population makes it harder for us to be ruthless, since the inimical population and their backers look like us.
      • Motivating studies:
        • Empathy constrained: Prejudice predicts reduced mental simulation of actions during observation of outgroups. [pdf]
      • Contrast with the homogenous Chinese and Japanese. Their homogeneity makes it easy for them to view converts as a fifth column of aliens and be ruthless.
    • Suicidal philosophies “Idiot’s vedanta” causes people to mistakenly believe that it is ok to tolerate Abrahamisms.
    • Multiple front battle, dealing with: economically powerful Islamic states, western christian/ post-christian christian and Han imperialist powers.
    • We are more divided (eg. by jAti-s competing for reservation) than they are.
  • Ideas for strengthening the position of hindus in the Indian homeland.
    • Resettle Hindus from hindu-majority states like Himachal Pradesh in precarious states like Kashmir and Assam.
    • Curb Abrahamist population growth
      • Stem or reverse the influx of muslim migrants from Bangladesh and Burma.
      • Incentivize low fertility among abrahamists.
    • Increase Hindu birthrate – through conscience, education and incentives.
    • Maintain Hindu battle readiness and military participation. Require military service.
    • Suppress Abrahamist ideology ruthlessly (I know this is very hard).
      • As a very first step, tackle foreign missionaries and chruch funded NGO-s.
      • Small scale and half hearted “ghar vApasi-s” and polemics cannot keep up with Muslim fertility.
      • Hinduize our critical institutions, especially the military.
  • Have a plan B if India falls: How to strategically spread out to ensure Hindu survival.
    • This is not to deny that we should do our best to improve Hindu position in India, but it is not a wise survival strategy to entirely concentrate there.
    • Desiderata about the “destination”.
      • The destination must have the economic ability to support new arrivals.
      • It is better if the natives of the “destination” are a mixture of races and ethnicities, so that racial hatred and ethnic cleansing is much less likely.
      • It is better if the “destination” has a strong pagan undercurrent.
    • Strategic things Hindus should do upon arriving at the “destination”.
      • Don’t just focus on making money, getting civil power and winning spelling bees. Do not neglect “military power and participation”.
        • Remember the lessons from Uganda and Fiji.
    • Proposed destinations
      • South America. (Racial admixture, extant hindu foothold in the north, large pagan undercurrent.)
  • Lessons from other populations.
    • Modern Orthodox Jews lead successful professional lives, while maintaining an orthodox lifestyle and having large families.
      • Eg. Robert Aumann the Nobel Laureate economist.
    • Mormon families are similar large.
      • Fertility pattern: Summary from MF_E15.
        • Observations
          • 1. Larger than replacement level numbers of children.   (That is to say significantly higher than 2.1 children per woman, on average).
          • 2. Despite widespread use of contraception. This implies that for Mormons family size is usually chosen deliberately. (By contrast, other religious groups with significantly above-replacement fertility do not allow contraception.)
          • 3. In a group of people who are more educated than average and economically more successful than average.
          • 4. Average fertility (numbers of children) tends to be highest among the most educated and wealthiest Mormons.
        • Explanation: The pattern of Mormon fertility could be explained in a general sense as a combination of two forces: one tending to increase family size, the other tending to limit family size.
          • 1. On the one hand, Mormonism encourages large families, yet
          • 2. On the other hand Mormonism encourages what might briefly be described as ‘self-reliance’ – in the sense that the ideal Mormon family unit should be able (as a rule) to support itself without assistance from outside the family. (Indeed, the Mormon family ought to aim to generate a surplus to use on church activities such as buildings and mission work – it should also be noted that virtually no money goes on salaries, since Mormon Priests (all adult men in good standing), Bishops and Stake Presidents, are all unpaid part-timers – hence indeed they usually subsidise these roles from other jobs.)
          • 3. The combination leads to wealthier Mormon families being the largest, on average, since they can afford to bring up larger numbers of children decently, without using external resources. Presumably poorer Mormons must necessarily limit their family sizes voluntarily by means of contraception.
    • Ultra Orthodox Jew males simply collect state money, study torah and breed – women may work to provide additional support, and they are socialized to value the best Torah scholar.
    • Jews very deliberately study and strategize for their survival.
      • Eg. UK-demography study. Considering to the rise of India and China IS.
      • Dr. Shalom Wald [bookz], who “chose 14 well-known historians, from Thucydides to Gibbon, Spangler, Toynbee and Kennedy, and examined their theories concerning the circumstances in which civilizations flourish or collapse. Then he tried to examine how these theories can be applied to the context of the Jewish people.” One major recommendation was that Jews do not concentrate entirely in Israel – it is not the best survival strategy.
    • Modern orthodox jews conduct military-style camps which militarily prepare youth. This has led to the recent ascent of orthodox Jewish officers in the Israeli army.

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