Tension between subverting and being subverted – a khAlistani lesson

Funny anecdotes via pratiika​ about khAlistAni nuts during the modi visit-
1. Outside FaceBook the sardarji-s face off with hindus. They keep shouting anti-modi slogans. The hindus initially respond with the likes of “bhaarat maata ki jai”. Then, some hindu has a brilliant idea – the hindus start shouting “jo bole so nihaal – sat sri akaal”. The turbans are stumped.

2. Outside Google, the sardaarji face off with hindus. This time they get physical and push. Unlucky for them, the hindus include rather well built haryANvi boxer types, who coolly respond by saying: “chal maar- guru gobind singh ke naam pe maar”.

Both of these illustrates an potential positive, as well as a potential negative.

  1. The positive is the prospect of taking over the inimical ideology (remember that sikhism is proto-islamophile-sickularism) by claiming that we know their philosophy and history better than they do.
    1. If the opposing community is relatively tiny, this may well work.
      1. Could sikhism be a potential example? Could our hindu friends, who as a whole are unparalleled experts at fooling themselves, may have done the right thing for the wrong reason?
    2. If by contrast, the enemy is large enough to control its own narrative, this wont work.
      1. Islam is a clear example.
  2. The negative is the enormous disastrous consequences of fooling oneself into tolerating an enemy and letting them prosper, or worse – taking them for friends.

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