A hindu state vs a secular state.

What’s a hindu state?

A Hindu state might have the following (besides what one normally expects of a functioning government)

  • state rituals,
  • potentially organized quarantine and disinfection of people in the grips of the intolerant Abrahamist mental afflictions.

A secular state (in the sense of the Leukospheric states such as 21st century USA or France, rather than the Abrahamophilic Indian state or 19th century USA) is obviously inferior to such a Hindu state (from our point of view, of course).

That said, how much worse is a truly secular state?

  • Obviously, the Abrahamistic diseases will be allowed to spread quite freely.
  • Worse, it may pursue the detriment of hindus and pagans as a matter of foreign policy.
  • But at least conscious, stubborn, conservative (yet modern) Hindus who study and practice the ways of their ancestors will be free to practice and propagate their superior ways of self cultivation and social harmony (minus the important governmental aspect, of course).
    • In any case, the number of idiots in any society is despairingly large. The modern orthodox hindu elite can keep to their practices, which would hypothetically grant them a clear edge in the pursuit of material and sentimental happiness.
    • The modern hindu orthodoxy can bide their time in this stasis mode for ages, until the day they get an opportunity to help their less fortunate fellow men, women and shemen attain a state free of the vexing Abraham disease.
  • At least it will be much better than even the moderate non-secular Islamic/ Christian/ Jewsish states!
    • FYI – as a poignant example – even Bali and Indonesian hindus in general are in jeopardy. There are oppressive laws curtailing construction of temples.

Why this analysis?

This sort of comparison is critical given the facts that:

  • most Hindus in the dumbocratic Islamophilic republic of India do not care to strive for a Hindu state.
  • In most other countries, barring Nepal, there is currently nearly zero chance of Hindu rule.
  • Certain hindus are faced with the choice of how they might facilitate the choice of country by their proximal and distant progeny.

We have omitted some important factors are not considered, though, such as:

  • The moral imperative to fight the good fight for the Hindu state – until the last possible moment when it is absolutely clear that hope is lost.
  • The attractiveness of some non-hindu pagan states which have awakened to the dangerous abrahamic contagion (eg – Bhutan, Burma).

As usual, intelligent feedback is most welcome.


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