bAjIrAv’s hindu Delhi empire plan thwarted.

The below is an excerpt from ” Maratha-Rajput relations from 1720 to 1795 A.D.” (cached here) by D. Acharya which shows how bAjIrAv and the rAjaputra-s were unfortunately curtailed by shAhu cChatrapati. What a tragedy! Dammit shAhu!


Bajirao had become a national hero, in whom all hopes of safety for the Hindu religion were concentrated. The common danger had united the Rajputs completely with the Marathas as Hindus.

(iv)� � �  A Plan to Create Hindu Empire at Delhi:

Dhondo Govind (61) wrote from Delhi to Bajirao :

�Nadirshah is no God, that he could destroy the earth. He possesses sense enough and knows business. He will not break with you, but will effect a friendly understanding when he know that you are strong enough to oppose him�. I don�t expect actual hostilities to break between him and you� Jaysing and yourself aided by the Bundela Chiefs will be quite a strong Hindu front which rovidence will surely crown with success. Jaysing is anxiously waiting for your arrival to take the lead. Nizam-ul-Mulk � is playing a mischivous game. Some of his spies, found roving� about prying into Jaysing�s secret counsels, were captured by him. They confessed that they were deputed by Nizam-ul-Mulk ��all voices agree that the two nobles�. Nizam-ul-Mulk and Sadat Khan alone induced nadirshah to undertake the invasion of India�victory at this moment crowns the Peshwa alone. Many here desire that the Rana of Udaypur should be seated on the throne of Delhi and made Emperor of the Hindus. The Northern Rajas are anxiously expecting the Peshwa�s arrival, a momentous change appears to be in sight.�

The question of creating a Hindu Empire took firm hold. The Rana of Udaypur was fully prepared now for this proposal, when Bajirao had undertaken to stand behind it. The Rana sent Gumansing (62) to Sawai Jaysing, who told him that Raya wished to place Ranaji on the throne of Delhi. Ranaji had told that all his wealth (for this purpose) belonged to Raya and that Raya and Sawaiji were his men of trust. Gokulchand was sent to Abhaysing and Bundelas were expected to join the union. Thus by the end of May1739 A.D., the Rajput Chief�s prepared themselves for the drastic change and were eagerly expecting Bajirao�s arrival in the North.

� � � � � �  Bajirao was at Burhanpur (63) at the time of the sack of Delhi, by Nadirshah. About the question of creating a Hindu monarchy at Delhi, Shahu informed him his sentiments in a letter dated 31st May 1739 A.D. The letter reads (64) ,

�that it should be our duty to resuscitate the falling Mughal Empire, that the Chhatrapati, as you are already aware, does not aspire to secure the imperial position for himself, that he considers it a higher merit to renovate an old dilapidated edifice than to build a new one. If we attempt the other course (i.e. a Hindu monarchy) it would involve us in enmity with all our neighbors with the consequence that we would be exposed to unnecessary dangers and court a crop of trouble all round.�

Shahu was moderate in his aims and desired to secure only the administrative management for the Marathas in the capacity of the Amir-ul-Umara of the Mughal Empire. It was his desire that by supporting whole-heartedly Muhammad Shah�s regime, they should collect the revenue of the Country and after recovery of the expanses for the troops, should pay the balance into the Imperial treasury.

But even though the Peshwa complied finally with the commands of the Chhatrapati, he was really much more ambitious and definitely a Hindu State was in his mind (65).

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For the present Tohmast Kuli (Nadirshah) has won the fight. But if all the Hindus take to courage (and unite) and if our greaty armies reach North (it is a lime) for the Hindu Empire to come into existence. ” ‘Brahmendra Swami Charitra’, p. 118.


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