Fist of the day-wrestler.

“मुष्टिर्वासरमल्लस्य ध्वान्तवैरिविभेदनः। अदित्यश् चक्रदम्पत्योः स्नोहग्रन्थिः पुनातु वः॥”
I hear that songs get stuck in some people’s heads. I count myself lucky that verses (such as the above by Shankar) stick in mine. Because they can often be used as mantra-s.
For example, I find the above quite effective to recite, visualize and feel the power of the thousand rayed sol – just see the power in “fist of the day-wrestler trouncing the darkness-foe”. I particularly find it useful at times when the revered gAyatrI-mantra is simply not effective or appropriate (eg. – you aren’t in a mental or circumstantial position to do a proper japa).

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