The “mlecCha > dalit” stupidity.

One aspect where the jAti-system was completely rotten – especially in the madhouse of keraLa, where a low-jAti person converted to a muslim or christian would be treated much better. This contributed to their increase in numbers. Enjoy the fruits of your forefathers, you keraLa hindus! अश्वं नैव गजं नैव व्याघ्रं नैव च नैव च | अजापुत्रं बलिं दद्याद्देवो दुर्बलघातक: || applies to these idiots as well.

From The Three Voyages of Vasco de Gama, and His Viceroyalty. (via SP on FB)

  • “…they were more influential and respected than the natives themselves so that many of the heathen became Moors in such manner that they were more people than the natives by a diabolical method which the Moors found l because in this region of Malabar the race of gentlemen is called Nairs who are the people of war they are people who are very refined in blood and customs and separated from all other low people and so much do they value themselves that no one of them ever turned Moor only the low people turned Moors who worked in the bush and in the fields And these people are so accursed that they cannot go by any road without shouting so that the Nairs may not come up suddenly and meet them because they kill them at once for they always carry their arms and these low people may not carry arms to defend themselves and when they go along thus shouting if any Nair shouts to them they at once get into the bush very far from the road The Moors understanding that it was a good way to increase their sect said to the King and to the rulers of the places in which they traded that they met with great difficulties with their merchandise because they had not got labourers to cart it from one point to another because the labourers being low people could not go amongst other people as the Nairs would kill them whenever they met them and therefore they would esteem it a favour if those of the low people who might turn Moors should be able to go freely wherever they pleased since being Moors they would then be outside of the Malabar religion and usages and that they might be able to touch all sorts of people because if this was not agreed to they would not be able to transport their goods to sell them in their provinces At the same time giving some fees to the magistrates and confidantes of the King they succeeded in getting this consented to On which account these low people desired to enjoy so great an advantage because they were such accursed people that they lived in the bush and in fields where they ate nothing but herbs and laud crabs and by becoming Moors they could go where they liked and gain their livelihood and eat as they pleased When they became Moors the Moors gave them cloths and robes with which to clothe themselves and so many of them became Moors and were converted to the religion of Mohammed and they increased so much in numbers that all the country became full of them which caused these Moors to be very influential and powerful by their trade through all the countries and especially in this country of Malabar and above all in this city of Calecut where they had their principal “
  • “1 The diabolical method of the Moors was to set their faces against distinctions of race whilst the Portuguese adopted them and have perpetuated them by the word of their own language which expresses race namely casta.”

Another similar observation from Albuquerque a few decades later (from here):

  • “Albuquerque states this hybridization succinctly from an early modern Portuguese viewpoint: “They marry as many wives as they can support and keep as well many heathen concubines of low caste. If they have sons or daughters by these they make them Moors, and ofttimes the mother as well, and thus this evil generation continues to increase in Malabar.””

2 विचार “The “mlecCha > dalit” stupidity.&rdquo पर;

  1. I am really sorry to say that , I could not follow what you really mean by this blog. Present day casts are in certificates and they are proud to get reservation. In open they speak against Cast! I enjoy both.(Those who are converted from Hinduism in the name of caste ,in fact , another cast as eg: Paulose pulayan and Maria pilakkalli. Sunnis gave seperate tharavattu name :Puthuveedu)

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