An expoit of raghuvIra was a great scholar. Reading the below, it is no wonder that is his son.


=====================Begin excerpt===============
Do you know raghuvira’s story
He was in pre partition TSP
Tsp ?
Terrorist state of porkistan
He knew population exchange was coming. So he sent all his family to mainland bharat ahead of time
They had land and property
He didn’t want to abandon those just like that
So wanted to see which direction wind blew
He stockpiled weapons. Rifles, pistols
Oh.. !!
So the indologist raghuvira had a James Bond in him
Sullas came to his neighborhood
But didn’t expect he was prepared
Before abandoning his property for good, he wanted to inflict as much damage as possible
His house got surrounded
He loaded up with pistols and rifles, escaped from the house
Shot his way through the border and escaped to india
I’m only grateful for his editorial work of jaiminiya brahmana
For this heroic deed, he is my personal hero


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