Japanese blood-debt and other Hindu connections

Consider this article (via rjrasva@). There are several interesting aspects to it.


Japan paid the blood-price

It is heartening to note the below excerpt:
“Many of the Shinto association’s aims overlap with those of another increasingly influential group, Nippon Kaigi (Japan Conference), whose 38,000 members, including Abe and most of his cabinet, believe that Japan “liberated” Asia from Western colonial powers, and that the postwar constitution has emasculated the country’s “true, original characteristics”.
Yes, Japan “liberated” Asia, including India. The British would not have left but for the enormous blood price paid by our Japanese brothers. It is a pity that most Hindu-s do not understand this. Here, it is gratifying to note that this is not a mere figment of our (ie. Japan admiring Hindu) imagination – it is also the self image of the Shinto elite. My deepest respects to them 🙏🙏🙏.

Ancilliary matters

* To be fully liberated, the sage of MT says that it is almost certain that Hindu-s will have to pay a similarly enormous price. It is a different matter as to whether we are already dead and it’s just the corpse that is rotting.

Indologist – Japanologist similitude

Analogous to White “hindu-s” lecturing to us about what “hinduism really is, and how hindutva is not hinduism”, this John guy fancies that his “green shiNTo” is the shiNTo, and that the old shiNTo of the natives is evil.

Furthermore, it quotes:
Koichi Nakano, a politics professor at Sophia University in Tokyo. “I already felt rather uncomfortable when Barack Obama was taken to Meiji Shrine last time he visited Japan, and it would be no less disturbing to see the G7 leaders being used to legitimise Shinto, given its reactionary and nationalistic positions on so many issues.”
This guys is an example of a first class traitor. A friend rightly notes: “i suspect this Koichi Nakano to be a preta or a leftist, sophia university is a catholic uni”. The analogy with Indian sickulars is too obvious to note explicitly.

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