Excerpts from “A geopolitical package: July 2016”

Regaining or acquiring widespread Self-nonself distinction ability is critical for Hindus to survive and thrive. Analysis by the sage of MT is astute as usual. Excerpts:
The long term objectives of the three enemies would roughly take the following shape:
1) the mlecchas would seek to break up India into smaller states with which they can deal individually. They would like to ensure that some of these states will be preta or preta-run secular, which will do their bidding in various Asian conflicts especially with marūnmatta-s and cīna-s. They can play the glacial strategy aided by structural weakening by helping other enemies of Hindus.
2) the marūnmatta would seek to reestablish Islamic rule over al Hind either in the form in very general terms resembling the Delhi Sultanate, the Mogol empire of Awrangzeb or as part of the Khilafat. There would be tensions with the Arab Khilafat eventually, but if the Turks reassert their place as the leaders of the Mohammedans then there would be greater synergy with them. Their primary strategy would be reestablish the connection between TSB and TSP by conquering the land in between, especially by taking Prāgjyotiṣa, Magadha, Pāñcāla and the remaining Pāñcanada in the process. As we have said they will apply both the glacial and hurricane strategies as the occasion demands. In the south an independent sultanate in Kerala would be their other objective which may then serve as the base for the pincer grip of the rest of the land.
3) The cīna-s will aim for a land-grab of Arunachal, Sikkim, Ladakh, other border zones in the Northeast, the border nations like Bhutan and Nepal while not having any major objectives within the inner core of Bhārata. Here they might initially collude with the other enemies but then back off because they clearly understand that the preta states established by the mleccha-s are footholds for mlecchas to reach them, whereas the Islamic states will allow Islamic expansion against them. But being hard-nosed people ready to do a Dungan if needed they would not be too concerned about propping up Hindu states as a defense.
In conclusion, the weaker the Hindu identify and the scaffold and stronger the secular one or the regionalist ones the less likely the Indian state survives this triple assault.
To use someone’s words marūnmāda can advance both as a glacier and a whirlwind. We can see both strategies simultaneously at play. For example, the Moslem Brotherhood takes the glacial approach whereas the Khilafat under Dr. Abu Bakr takes the whirlwind approach. The same marūnmatta group can shift from one approach to another depending on the opportunities. Moreover, virulent strains of marūnmāda can persist even after a defeat with alternative strategies. For example Abd al-Wahab and Muhammad bin Saud and their successors founded the hellhole of Saudi Arabia by means of whirlwind Jihad campaigns paralleling those of Abu Bakr’s Khilafat of today. …

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