Two articles’ take on shaiva siddhAnta

Contrast access-ritual-knowledge-hinduism-case-veda-agama (by the young Āngīrasa) with the-hushed-splendour-of-saiva-siddhanta-will-humanity-realise-its-full-potential (which shrI Jataayu pointed me to) . Both are by tamiL-s, both dealing (in part) with broadly the same topic. The former is honest and clear – it evoked admiration in me. The latter immediately roused suspicion and slight underwhelmedness.
In the latter, the sections “Rejecting scriptural literalism” and “Egalitarianism” had me wondering “so what’s the big deal?”, when I came to “Siva, the go between.” I was thinking: “Why exactly is he writing this article? what’s so remarkable about nindA-stuti”. But when I got to “Against Casteism”, I was dumbstruck by the seemingly shameless misrepresentation of the tradition. Just take a scene or two from a story, scrupulously avoid mentioning *strong support for the varNa system* within the shaiva siddhAnta system (see the appropriate section in the former article) and magically stick the heading “against casteism”.
I suppose that we must be thankful that the author did not reduce the magnificent shaiva siddhAnta tradition to the level of the outright subversive lingAyata system. Assuming that he is just innocently trying to communicate his experiential joy (rather than slyly pushing a favorite agenda), the author would do well to be more honest and careful.
As a side note, looking at today’s नट-विट-शठ-s, we might do well to be a bit wary of “bards and actors”. Their current excessive influence seems to be a sad indicator of the state of hindudom.

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