A certain tale about vijayendra-tIrtha

(via shrI pAnchajanya)

Actually aft vijayanagara lost in talikota
Local Muslim cantonment of kumbakonam which was under vijayanagara revolted
As people knew that it would take ragunatha nayaka a day to reach kumbakonam from thanjavur aft gathering his forces
They approached vijayendra for help in order to protect the temples
Vijayendra asked representatives from each temple at the town to bring him a bag of coconuts
And on doing so he did a prayoga on the coconuts and asked people to break it when the sulla army approached the temple
As he said when people broke those coconuts broke each and every temple on being invaded by the sulla army they heard the sound of a no of lions roaring simultaneously
Hearing which they were frightened and ran away
Thus the temples were protected and the Sullas were butchered by ragunatha nayaka the next day
So as a mark of respect each and every temple which was present at that time (irrespective of whether it is vishnu, Shiva or Devi) sends it prasada to vijayendra on his aradhane
Which is the day on which he entered brindavana


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