kanchi-paramAchArya and the shrIvaiShNava kid

Copying over a narration:

Example of paramacharyas insistence on tradition: a sv pandit’s son had got opportunity to work abroad. His father was a mimamsaka, grammarian, vedantin and dharmashastravid. Father died when boy was in his early teens. The boys vaidika education sorta stagnated after that. Boy’s close friend was a smarta. He took him to kanchi matha one day for some festival (good saappadu was the reason ;))
Apparently, mahaperiyava noted the boy.. Called him in pvt and praised his late father to skies. Then told him that as inheritor of such sampradaya, he can surely expect great things from the boy
Said boy gave up his abroad plans, visited uttamur svami n annangaracharya.. Learned from them.. Became one of the mahapanditas of kanchi. He was from tatarya clan. Went to kanchi matha vidvat sadas one day.. When he was abt to leave, paramacharya called him n asked – i believe u know what u r supposed to do after seeing me.. The boy replied that he is supposed to take bath.. He was a bit unsure abt the reply. Paramacharya told him – i know that u respect me for bringing u on this path. So u hv cancalam in mind whether to do snana or not. My answer- adhere to ur dharma n sampradaya. Give up hesitation.

(Ramanuja tatachar told abt this.. Some narayana tatachar was that boy.)


He also told a saiddhAntika shivAchArya who came to give him the rudraprasAda from a shiva temple as part of a customary honor not to do shASTANGa namaskAram to him as those who received shivadIkSA should not prostrate before adIkSitAs… [सङ्केतः]


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